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Our suppliers and partners are Brazilian and international companies established in Brazil and capable of offering a high level of technology and reliability with export quality.

Exports from Banks include the following equipments, services and projects:

 Automotive vehicles, conventional and off road trucks, road construction equipments, motorcycles, etc;
 Equipments for agriculture including tractors and implements;
 Road construction equipments including asphalt plants;
 Computers and assembly of networks protected by no-break systems and diesel generators;
 Radiological protection: insulation materials for X- Ray rooms, doors and Windows, panels for partitions;
 Mining equipments;
 Equipments for irrigation and artesian wells;
 Project, equipment supply and assembly of alcohol and sugar plants from sugar cane;
 Equipment for tannery and leather industrialization, training of people in all aspects of the industry;
 Architectural projects in areas of: public health, prisons, residential and commercial (shopping centers).