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Works performed

Group of equipments for a governmental organization composed of: motor cars, road construction equipments, trucks (repair shop, tanks, trailers and dry cargo), ambulances, agricultural tractor, motorcycles, sewing machines, audio-visual systems, office furniture, water well drilling equipment including training of local operators and power generators;
Computer network with 100 working stations protected by a no-break system. Installed and commissioned after the training of local operators;
Exports of utility vehicles to customers in Africa and South America.
Installing and certifying the radiology protection for 29 X-ray rooms of a public hospital network including supply of shielding materials for partitions, doors, windows and accessories;
Assembly of two high pressure boilers (62kg /155 ton/hour ) connected to a 72MWK power plant;
Projects developed for customers and ready for deployment
  Public schools totaling 1600 classrooms;
  Hospital for the army -100 beds;
  Maximum security prisons for 800 inmates;
  Hospital for children/maternity;
  Ambulatories for inmates in 19 state prisons;
  Sugar and alcohol plant for 1 million ton of cane per crop in a Caribbean country;
  Irrigation Project using drip irrigation for selected cultures.
Projects under development
  Distillery for sugar cane alcohol with 30.million liter capacity per crop;
Complete chain from cattle to leather usage: starting from abattoir, meat refrigeration, raw leather treatment and tanning, shoe manufacturing, training of all involved persons in the industry and at all levels;
Combined Project including: Sugar and alcohol plant for1 million ton sugar cane per crop, 87.000 ton of sugar, 30 million liter of alcohol, 25 MWH of electricity from bagasse; crushing of 2.000.000 oranges crates, animal food from orange bagasse in a South American country.
  Iniciamos servicos de repostos para hoteles com produtos producidos preferencialmente no Brasil;
Ar Condicionados e Aquecedores
Artigos de cama, mesa e banho
Cozinhas Industriais
Equipamentos para bares e restaurantes
Equipamentos Áudio-Visual
Telefonia, TV/DVD, salas para conferência
Iluminação interior e exterior - áreas públicas e privadas
Limpeza, restauro e manutenção